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Skincare Brand PPC Case Study

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The Challenge & Strategy

Before coming to Diogenes Solutions, this skincare company focused its efforts on Amazon Paid Advertising without much success. They went about doing the classic beginner mistake of using only Automatic campaigns that most people without Amazon experience use. This kept them in the red in terms of profit and skyrocketed their ACoS.

To be in the position of Top-seller in the Beauty and Personal category, they should have focused on manual and other targeted campaigns and should have used only automatic campaigns for gathering potential manual keywords for later use.

The objective was to refine Perfect V Skincare PPC focusing on manual selection of Keywords, categories, product targeting campaigns, and display ads that are better targeted as well as create diversity to increase impressions and target potentially lower bid costs.

The Strategy

Multiple campaigns were created and run and a testing phase was created to see where and how to bid. After a few weeks with our strategy, they were getting incredible results from a drastic ACoS drop and quiet significant sales increase. The weeks preceding the campaigns were further pruned creating greater success.

The results speak for



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