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Walmart Listing Creation and Optimization

Walmart Listing Creation and Optimization

Building Listings for the Best Results

Setting up your variations is also something we can help you with. Variations of a listing, in a convenient drop-down menu, allow your customers to pick related items, and can concentrate traffic onto a listing. That’s awesome, as it means lots of people get to see your listing. However, it has it’s downsides, as reviews can be spread more thinly. Meanwhile, single listings tend to get more, but it can take longer. We’ll help you work out your long-term strategy, balancing growth with results, and figuring out what works best for you.

Optimizing your Listings

You sell on Walmart. In fact, you love selling on Walmart.
Your ability to do so, relies on the visibility and quality of your product listings.

We’re Here to Help!

If you feel you’re putting too much time and effort into your Amazon channel without getting the results you need, get in touch now. We charge a small monthly retainer with most of our fees on commission, so it’s low risk and very affordable.

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