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We were one of the first agencies to start designing and building storefronts for our clients and we are now one of the UK’s leaders in this specialist field.

Amazon Storefront Creation

Brand research and strategy

Introduced as a new service in 2018, Amazon stores have been growing in popularity. To this day, however, only a relatively small percentage of merchants have one, so it’s an excellent, low-cost way to make your brand more discoverable and connect with your customers. With up to three levels and multiple pages, there is plenty of room to educate, inspire and engage with your customers.

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Turn Amazon Insights into Action to Improve Your Sales

Optimizon uses advanced analytics tools, and our status as an Accredited Amazon Advertising Agency gives us privileged access to more detailed Amazon data. More importantly, our experienced Amazon account managers have the knowledge and skill to turn these insights into action that will improve your Amazon sales, helping your business increase sales. We will work with your team to make the analytics work for you.
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Developing a Strategy for your Store

A great storefront reflects your brand’s value proposition and tells your brand story. Our designers ensure it has the right tone of voice and visual identity, so that it has the same look and feel as your other marketing materials. You can have it built with rich content including stories about your heritage, videos and engaging images to help differentiate your brand and give shoppers reasons to prefer you.

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Amazon Storefront Navigation

As with your website, navigation accounts for a big part of the success of your store. Our designers work with you to understand your shoppers’s decision making journey, their needs and attitudes, how they use your products and how they feel about them.

Based on this understanding we’ll make sure your store is set up with meaningful main and sub categories to help customers find what they’re looking for. Content can also be organised by themes, with highlighted products, featured deals and visually enticing links to other parts of your store.

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Getting your Amazon Store accepted

We’ll design your store to meet Amazon’s rules on content, design, navigation, exaggerated claims, and what Amazon call ‘professionalism’, such as inappropriate capitals, poorly cropped images and grammatical errors. Should your store still be turned down, we’ll appeal on your behalf to get it accepted.

Refreshing your Amazon store

Getting continual traffic means refreshing the content with new products as they become available, seasonal promotions and engaging stories. Your account manager will work with you to plan a content calendar so that the store is seamlessly kept up to date.

Thinking about a Storefront for your Brand?

If you’ve been thinking about a storefront for your brand, or if you are having issues getting your brand onto the Brand Registry, we’d be delighted to help.

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