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Your own situation will be unique, but we have a wealth of experience to help you put in place the best processes for your logistics and fulfilment.


eBay Customer Service

Logistics and Returns

We’re well used to the complexities of running more than one marketplace channel and linking it with your own e-commerce operation, especially if you are operating in multiple countries.

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Reduce the Number of Returns

Whilst accepting returns for any number of reasons is part of trading on eBay, and customer service is key to your businesses success, there are measures you can take to discourage and reduce the number of returns (whilst keeping your customer satisfaction levels high). Our team of eBay selling experts can help your business take steps to reduce the number of returns your organisation receives. All of this is achieved via the above-board, positive steps and techniques.
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Our eBay expert team are waiting to talk to you about setting up your campaigns and getting the highest returns at the lowest cost.

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