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Amazon Listing Creation & Optimization

Amazon content is the key to Amazon optimisation. It includes images, videos, listings, A+ Content and Amazon storefronts.
Getting these right is the difference between a struggling Amazon presence and a healthy stream of sales.

Amazon Listing Creation & Optimization


Amazon Listing And Content Creation

Copywriting is critical to getting listings found organically. A well-optimised listing can also improve relevancy to help reduce the cost of ad campaigns and of course, convert better to persuade more visitors to buy. All our listings are based on in-depth keyword research using a variety of tools and resources to truly understand the mindset of the customer. It is written to reflect your brand voice and structured using neuroscientific principles of persuasion for a high conversion rate.

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Amazon A+ Brand Content

A+ is a tool available to professional sellers on both Vendor Central and Seller Central. (Until recently, it was known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content on Seller Central). This Amazon optimisation tool allows you to describe your product in more detail and include additional images and background detail. When used effectively, A+ leads to higher traffic and increased sales.
Our team of designers will design a template for your brand, and then create the A+ content, which we then upload to your product

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Amazon Imagery

Next to great copy, nothing increases Amazon sales like a good selection of clear, well-lit photographs and videos, with close ups of important product features and relevant diagrams and infographics. Amazon has strict rules about what can be shown in the lead photograph, although this sometimes changes, so we’ll keep you informed when it does.

Most of our clients provide us with images as it can be more cost-effective to shoot Amazon product shots at the same time as those for the website or catalogue. However, if you do not have this facility, our designers can arrange it for you.

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Amazon Copywriters?

If you struggle to find trusted writers and designers with the skills to create excellent Amazon content that reflects your brand and convert shoppers into customers, we can help.

Getting in touch is easy! Click the button below to request a call back from one of our Amazon Optimisation Consultants

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